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Here’s what I’ve found…


Most preachers have told you what to do but not why or how to do it.


It’s frustrating knowing there are areas in your life that need changing but not knowing how to change them.


My name is Everest John Alexander and I’m a Bible Teacher and Author. 


I was Born Again on August 11th, 1988 and I’ve been teaching the Bible since 1991.


While I obviously don’t have all the answers, I do believe I can answer most of your bible-based questions.


Purpose of the Website


This website is here to teach you how and why to do the things you need to do, as a Christian who wants to live successfully and victoriously for Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God.

Through Online Bible Courses, Videos, Articles, Ebooks and Slide Presentations I explain difficult Bible doctrine in simple ways you can understand and put into practice. 

I teach on contemporary issues like Homosexuality & Abortion, Marriage & Dating, Atheism and Evolution and also major Bible Doctrines like Tithes & Offering, Speaking in Tongues, Spiritual Warfare and the Assurance of Salvation.

I believe you need to accurately understand the scriptures to faithfully obey God and live victoriously..


Understanding For Obedience


Your obedience will be tested and in ignorance your faith will fail… it’s that simple.

The beginning of strong faith is accurate knowledge!

God said, “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6

That’s why the Bible says, “Study to show yourself approved.” 2 Timothy 2:15

Trust is the foundation of obedience.

You will not obey someone you do not trust and you will not trust what you do not understand.

As I teach the principles of God’s Kingdom and you study the Bible online I pray the eyes of your understanding will be enlightened and you will receive the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation in the knowledge of Christ. Amen!


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